• 09 December - Christmas meeting - A partner's evening.
Food for the Christmas dinner on the 9th of December:
Main course
  • Orange and mustard glazed ham
  • Roasted boned out lamb with balsamic glaze
  • Gourmet baby potatoes with parsley and mint butter
  • Medley of steamed Carrots Beans and Capsicum
  • Fresh seasonal leafy green salad with herbs
  • Christmas Pavlova wreath with fresh berries and Pomegranates
  • Classic New York baked cheesecake with cream/ yogurt.
Wear something with a Christmas theme - Hat or Whatever.
Cost $40 per head.  BYO drinks.
This price is subsidised and also includes a raffle ticket for a number of raffles including a hamper.
Come along and enjoy some good company for the end of an interesting year.
Bring any friends, relatives, and please let Graham know numbers by 6th December Sunday night. before.
Meeting Host, Sergeant, Introduction, Thanks, Parting Thought.
  • 09 December - President Robert


The Meeting

Lloyd Chapman, a former Rotarian, has been the Secretary of Energise Otaki for about 10 years.
Energise Otaki is a group  of about a dozen people, focused on alternative methods of power generation.

The group is keen for Otaki to become as independent as possible using alternative energy sources.
Rod Oram inspired the group to push forward on a number of energy conservation fronts.
Things like:
  • an EV charging station was one of the first projects delivered by the group.  The first station on the Kapiti Coast (2017). Its located close to an Electra transformer on New World car park,
  • Thermal solar panels at Otaki college pool. Heated year round,
  • Free bikes to kids from donated bikes. Refurbished and pressed on with helmets. Everyone should be able to ride a bike. Generous donation from an ex bike shop realized in excess of 50 bikes and parts, and
  • New thermal backed curtains for anyone with s pension card.
The group also started a Repair Cafe where broken items can be fixed.  The second repair cafe ran last weekend.  Most interesting item brought along was an old gramophone that played 78 records. A great success.  Very positive feedback.
The group has installed solar panels on roof of college is saving them money that can be repurposed to scholarships.
Otaki college kids won a national competition for a self propelled vehicle.  This year the task is to build a solar power vehicle.
Involved the Menz Shed in a project to measure the effect of insulation by creating an energy cube.
The jewel in the crown is the community owned solar farm.  Energise Otaki got a $407,000 grant from Wellington Community Trust.

Revenue generated by the solar farm is going into a community fund for user by scholarships, more solar projects, mode curtains or whatever.
The key message is getting people to think about energy conservation.
Next biggest project is about minimising waste - which is currently all is going to landfill in Marton.
Another project is to turn plastic bags into diesel fuel.  There was a pilot in Vanuatu to recycle plastics, where they trained locals with the system and they are proving it works
Food waste can also generate useable gas for example.
Lloyd's final message is there are lots of opportunities out there.  The group's intention is to raise awareness by doing things.
Energise Otaki has a shop in the main street of Otaki where volunteers provide information to those interested.  Here is their website
Parting Thought
Bestow peace upon each and every one of us, Lay before us, morality, truth and wisdom and compassion for one another
Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world.
But Rotarians don’t have that problem.


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