We meet at 6 pm every Wednesday except for the first Wednesday of each month.
It's important to phone Graham 04 905 2626 or
027 454 1082 by 5 pm Monday, if you're attending on that Wednesday.

Club Notices

Police vetting forms
Acting President David Bruce gave all present a police vetting form to be filled in and returned to him at the next meeting please.
Vetting is a requirement of  Rotary District and all clubs have been asked to get their members and volunteers to be vetted.
Operating under COVID
The Board has implemented Rotary NZ recommendations for managing Rotary meetings under the COVID Response Framework (Red “traffic light”).
Members will be required to show their vaccine passport at each meeting.  Secretary Robert will record the expiry dates of all passports.  Speakers and guests will have to show their passports too.
This approach respects the requirements of our hosting venue Cedarwood; our caterer Ian and his livelihood and ensures we do as much as we can to protect them, our members and our families/friends.
Air NZ Credit for sale
The club is offering $460 credit with Air NZ for sale for $400.
Originally the fare was to send President Rodger to President Elect training in Christchurch, but due to COVID, turned into a Zoom conference and the flights were no longer needed.
The credit expires in January 2023.
All enquiries to Steve Botica please.  Be quick.  First in first served


  • 23 Feb: TBC
  • 02 Mar: No meeting
  • 09 Mar: TBC


Members rostered on will perform all these duties:

Open meeting with Grace or a Message;  Sergeant session;
Introduce & Thank Speaker (if there's a speaker); Parting Thought.

  • 23 Feb: John Baillie
  • 09 Mar: Steve Botica
The meeting
The guest speaker tonight, introduced by John Algar, was Todd Zaner, former Beach FM announcer for 13 years and a key part of Coast Access radio here in Waikanae.  Born at the Kaiser Permanente hospital on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Todd and family moved to NZ in the early 1970s settling in the Wellington area.  A father of two adult children and a grandfather to a lovely granddaughter, who during COVID he is missing a great deal, Todd lives here on the coast.
Todd had many “brushes” with the radio industry from early in his life.  He remembers listening to Jim Healy on a radio he was given.  The father of a friend of his worked at Broadcasting House, so Todd and his friend were regulars in and about the studios.  He helped out the Commissionaires, generally retired gents who led tours of the facility.  Successful in winning a position for a block course offered by Radio Windy, he started with them on a part-time basis doing the graveyard shift (midnight to dawn).
Todd entertained the members and partners with stories of his radio career and the people he had the privilege to work with.  He had the greatest respect for Lindsay Yeo and saw him as his mentor.  He’s still in touch with Lindsay, who has retired and now lives in Nelson.
He’s also worked with or has come across people like Hilary Pankhurst (now Barry); Grant Walker; Peter Williams; Nicola Wright, Garry Ward, Johnny Douglas to name a few.
After leaving Beach FM, Todd offered his services to Coast Access Radio, and they took up his offer.  Coast Access is one of 12 access stations in NZ.  He really enjoys the variety and local content this role gives him.  Since July 2021, he also has a casual, stand-by host role at Radio NZ.
Todd was thanked by John Algar for a very entertaining talk, followed by many questions from members and partners.
Great to see Jenny Algar, Maureen Starke, Joy Hannon and Leah Botica there tonight.  Thank you ladies.

Parting thought (John Algar)

"A clear conscience is usually a sign of a bad memory"

Steven Wright
(an American comedian)