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Club Notices

Board feedback
The Board met on Wednesday 2 March and discussed two important items:
The first is that President Rodger, due to his need for surgery and an expected long recovery time, submitted his resignation from the Presidency for the current year.  Rodger is not resigning from Rotary.
Given the circumstances, the Board agreed and David Bruce will now act as President.  Rodger has been granted a leave of absence.  And if he is able to return before change over, he will assume the role again.
The second matter is to do with the expected peak in infection numbers for Omicron in March.
For the safety and health of members, their families, and others, the Board has decided the club will not meet during March.
It was felt this was a precautionary step worth taking when considering all the predictions and current case numbers.
REMINDER - Air NZ Credit for sale
The club is offering $460 credit with Air NZ for sale for $400.
Originally the fare was to send President Rodger to President Elect training in Christchurch, but due to COVID, turned into a Zoom conference and the flights were no longer needed.
The credit expires in January 2023.
All enquiries to Steve Botica please.  Be quick.  First in first served.


  • No meetings in March


Members rostered on will perform all these duties:

Open meeting with Grace or a Message;  Sergeant session;
Introduce & Thank Speaker (if there's a speaker); Parting Thought.

  • No meetings in March
The meeting

This was a first for our club, the guest speaker Yolande Brophy, spoke to us over Zoom.


Yolande is a Waste Minimisation Advisor for KCDC. She's been in the role for just under a year and previously spent 5 years as a waste minimization contractor delivering education programmes, waste audits, and events waste systems around the region.

A resident of Raumati South where she raised two sons, she has an extensive backyard garden and orchard with over a dozen producing fruit and nut trees.    With a heart of service, Yolande has volunteered over the years at the Paekakariki Surf Lifeguards, Kapiti Coast United Football Club, SPCA and Te Rito  Organic Gardens to name a few. She has also been involved with planting restoration programmes in QE Park, Taupo Swamp and Whareroa Farm.

Yolande talked about how organic waste forms nearly half of all waste going to landfills in Kapiti when you consider kitchen/food waste and green waste together.

Yolande told us that the KCDC had a target to reduce the total amount of kerbside waste per person per annum going to landfill from approximately 200kg to 143kg by 2026.  Targeting organic waste can easily achieve this target. 

Removing organic waste from landfill also reduces the amount of methane gas created, which is 28 times more harmful than CO2 in terms of greenhouse gas emissions

She described many options for dealing with organic waste.  Households can create worm farms, composting sites.  Two collectors pick up garden waste, and a new business has begun for processing food waste. You can sign up for one of these collection services.  Sharewaste is a website that connects people who want to recycle their kitchen scraps with their neighbours who are already composting, worm-farming, or keeping chickens.  The idea is to divert waste from landfill while getting to know your neighbours!

Community gardens are also sites for receiving food waste /green waste/compost.  The Waikane Community garden in Weggery Drive is thriving.

There are several organic waste receivers in Waikanae and across Kapiti.

Unfortunately, Yolande confirmed that Composting NZ has found the Waikanae green waste site uneconomic to operate and although running on reduced days/hours per week will close in June 2022.

There were a number of questions for Yolande, including one from founding member Dave Murton asking to confirm the number of hectares in Waikanae park.  when created under Horowhenua Council, it was 83 acres in size, according to Dave's memory.  Yolande confirmed that currently, it is 77.95 acres.

Steve Botica thanked Yolande on behalf of the members.


Parting thought

"Waste not, want not"

The proverb has been traced back to 1770's although an earlier version had been in use since the 1570s: "willful waste makes woeful want".