• 25 November - Lloyd Chapman: Solar Power initiatives
  • 09 December - Christmas meeting - A partner's evening.
Food for the Christmas dinner on the 9th of December:
Main course
  • Orange and mustard glazed ham
  • Roasted boned out lamb with balsamic glaze
  • Gourmet baby potatoes with parsley and mint butter
  • Medley of steamed Carrots Beans and Capsicum
  • Fresh seasonal leafy green salad with herbs
  • Christmas Pavlova wreath with fresh berries and Pomegranates
  • Classic New York baked cheesecake with cream/ yogurt.
Wear something with a Christmas theme - Hat or Whatever.
Cost $40 per head.  BYO drinks.
This price is subsidised and also includes a raffle ticket for a number of raffles including a hamper.
Come along and enjoy some good company for the end of an interesting year.
Bring any friends, relatives, and please let Graham know numbers by 6th December Sunday night. before.
Meeting Host, Sergeant, Introduction, Thanks, Parting Thought.
  • 25 November - Rodger Mc Cormack
  • 09 December - President Robert


The Meeting

Club Runner:

President Robert demonstrated the capabilities of Club Runner to those present.

New members:

Gary McElhinney presented his thoughts about ways to attract membership.

On a recent trip to Auckland and Takapuna in particular, Gary saw Takapuna Rotary Club actively involved in "Family Day", with a significant presence, including providing colourful recycling bins.  Gary believes our club needs to create a "presence" to attract new members.
Nga Manu:

David Bruce brought us up to date with the Nga Manu/Paraparaumu College project

Model Railway project:

Dave also reminded us about the model railway project for April 2021.  will need additional people to assist ion the day.  Can't be managed by just club members.

Parting Thought

"I take the view, and always have, that if you cannot say what you are going to say in twenty minutes, you ought to go away and write a book about it."

- Lord Brabazon (1868 - 1930)


Club Information
Visitors welcome
17 Parata St
Waikanae,  5036
New Zealand
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We meet at 6 pm every Wednesday except for the first Wednesday of each month.  Please phone Graham 04 905 2626 by 5 pm Monday for catering purposes if you're attending on that Wednesday