We meet at 6 pm every Wednesday except for the first Wednesday of each month.
As we are self catering at the moment, its important to phone Graham 04 905 2626 or
027 454 1082 by 5 pm Monday, if you're attending on that Wednesday.

Club Notices

Remember to advise Graham Oliver of your attendance by 5pm Monday prior to the meeting, especially as we are self catering during Level 2.

He will make you aware of the meal planned for the evening and take your order.

We welcomed partners Leah, Jenny, and Maureen for the evening.

Steve Botica passed on a message of thanks from President Rodger for all the support and wishes.  He is progressing well after recent surgery.


  • 17 Nov: Primary School Science - Denise Keen
  • 24 Nov: Neighbourhood Support - Alison Jarden


Members rostered on will perform all these duties:

Open meeting with Grace or a Message;  Sergeant session;
Introduce & Thank Speaker (if there's a speaker); Parting Thought.

  • 17 Nov: Richard Campbell
  • 24 Nov: Graham Oliver
The meeting


David Bruce introduced Matu and Annalisa.  Matu Booth is the Manager at Nga Manu and Annalisa Turner is the Head of Department: Biology/Environmental Science at Paraparaumu College.
Together they described what the course the club is sponsoring will mean for Nga Manu and the students who participate from Paraparaumu College.
Surprisingly, tertiary courses in the Biology /Environmental science sphere lack the opportunity for field work.  instead, typically students offer their services to Dept. of Conservation (DoC) during term breaks.  However these opportunities are very competitive and scarce.
Staff at Nga Manu, including Matu, will deliver modules in the course and Brian Ireland will oversee the work.
The relationship between the college and Nga Manu will be further strengthened by the addition of this course.  Matu said the Trust that runs Nga Manu is very positive and committed to the project.
Matu and Annalisa confirmed that this will be a quite unique course.  They were unaware of anything like this elsewhere in the country.  Annalisa was excited by the opportunity her students would get from this course.
David Bruce said the project ticked the boxes for the club's focus on youth, the community and the long standing relationship with the college, initiated through Richard Campbell, when he was Principal.
The first course is scheduled to run in the first term break in 2022.
Following many questions, Matu and Annalisa were thanked on behalf of the club by Dave.
Parting thought (David Bruce)


"A powerful personality is not about being in control or controlling others, it is about staying rooted in your own core values, integrity and authenticity."

 - Dr. Dayton Campbell