Club Notices

Remember to advise Graham Oliver of your attendance by 5pm Monday prior to the meeting, especially as we are self catering during Level 2.

Graham can be contacted on 04 905 2626 or 027 454 1082.  He will make you aware of the meal planned for the evening and take your order.


We welcomed Alison Jarden, a member of the Terrace End club, who has moved to the coast from Palmerston North.



  • 20 Oct: John Baillie - Making your home "smart"
  • 27 Oct: Janet Holborow - KCDC Councillor: Culture and Arts portfolio
    A partner's evening


Members rostered on will perform all these duties:

Open meeting with Grace / Message; Sergeant; Introduce & Thank Speaker (if there's a speaker); Parting Thought.

  • 20 Oct: Robert Nugent
  • 27 Oct: Rodger McCormack
The meeting

Unfortunately President Rodger was unable to attend the meeting and he wanted to discuss membership as a key focus for the club.

Steve stood in for Rodger and presented a few slides that he, Rodger and Robert Nugent had brain-stormed some ideas for increasing our membership.

This slide looked at what groups of people we could target



And what strategy might be adopted for each group of people:

There was good feedback on the presentation:

  • Personal conversations are most powerful
  • There's a lack of visibility over what we do
  • The summary sheet was a great tool to support those talks
  • We need to establish what our club's  brand is, Identify the values we have and how that helps our community
  • Attach a local identify to the Rotary name
  • Use Facebook  - really effective for the Model Rail show
  • Other sources for new members:
    • Speakers
    • Parents of students
  • If our website is offering a contact email address, then need to respond in a timely fashion.
A full version of the slides will be sent to all members separately by email.


The fare for the evening, a lovely roast meal from the Waikanae Roasts shop.


Parting thought (Steve Botica)

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Winston Churchill
We meet at 6 pm every Wednesday except for the first Wednesday of each month.  Please phone Graham 04 905 2626 by 5 pm Monday for catering purposes if you're attending on that Wednesday