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  • Reminder - Parkinson's NZ is having its annual fund raiser.  They're selling tulip bulbs and Maureen Starke is the contact. $7 per pack of five bulbs.  Maureen's contact details are at the bottom of this newsletter.



  • 24 March '21 - Introduction to Club Runner
  • 07 April '21 - No meeting


Members rostered on will perform all these duties: Open meeting with Grace/Message; Sergeant; Introduce & Thank Speaker (if there's a speaker); Parting Thought.

  • 24 March 21 - Rodger McCormack
  • 07 April '21 - Not applicable


The meeting

President Elect Rodger McCormack recounted the saga of the South Pacific President Elect Training forum that was to be held in Christchurch over 5 to 7 March, but because of COVID, ended up being held over Zoom...not ideal.
Some snippets from Rodger's experience:
During the morning there were some interesting speakers who were thoroughly researched and conversant with their topic. None more so than Michelle Sharp (CEO of UNICEF NZ) who spoke on here role and how Rotary had contributed to this organisation.
Others were less so and, in my view, lacked in accurate information to support their claims.  An example of this was a speech on the environment where the presenter wandered down a pathway of poorly researched facts, pointing figure of blame at our generation for the degradation to the environment, with little or no information to support such statements.
In the afternoon we were broken into chat groups where much discussion revolved around the skills and types leadership best suited to Rotary.  
There were the usual questions on what was needed to be a good leader with suggestion that it needed to be a mix of gender, race, and experience to which all were agreement with.
Sunday was less fraught with mindless debate and consisted of far more interesting speakers covering a variety of topics such as what projects  were conducted by Rotary at national and international level and how Rotary was interacting with youth ie (RYPEN).
The conference concluded with the Keynote speaker, Christopher Luxon (MP Botany Downs and long time Rotarian), giving a very good speech on his view of leadership and team building, concluding with the summary below, that as up and coming Club President’s we should, and I quote:-
  1. Get connected to mission and purpose.
  2. Be curious about leadership and learning.
  3. Step out of our comfort zone – be proactive.
  4. Manage energy and time.
  5. Complimentary casting and diverse teams is critical.
David Bruce spoke to the preparations for the Kapiti model Rail project
T- Shirts, tickets and cards to hand out have arrived.  Awaiting large promotional signs, currently in customs, to be placed around the district.
A roster with all duties across the weekend is being prepared.  We will need some additional help especially for managing the ladies toilets on the day.
Parting Thought
"Being right too soon is socially unacceptable."
Robert A Heinlein
Contact Maureen now for your bulbs.
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