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Remember to advise Graham Oliver of your attendance by 5pm Monday prior to the Wednesday meeting especially as we are self-catering while we are in Level 2.


Eagle eyed Past President Robert spied this Stuff article that mentions Rotary.

There is a photo (second photo of article) of girls from Porirua College that mentions Rotary provided masks for the Pacific.




  • 06 October: No meeting
  • 13 October: TBC 


Members rostered on will perform all these duties:

Open meeting with Grace / Message; Sergeant; Introduce & Thank Speaker (if there's a speaker); Parting Thought.

  • 06 October: No meeting
  • 13 October: Peter Gibbs
The speaker last week was Richard Mansell who spoke about the KCDC's review of representation consultation process including the proposal to abolish the Waikanae Ward.

It was a very good meeting and the key outcome was to get members to have their say.

The KCDC review of representation in the KCDC area is covering these topics:

  1. Identifying communities of interest.

  2. Councillors:

  • The total number there should be for the district.

  • Whether they’re elected from wards or 'at large' across the whole district, or by a mix of both wards and 'at large'.

  1. The boundaries of wards and constituencies, and their names.

  2. Community boards – whether we should have community boards in our district and if so:

  • the number of boards

  • their names and boundaries

  • the number of members for each board, including any appointed members.

Councilors have already agreed to other parts of the review:

  • not to include a Māori ward for electoral purposes

  • to maintain the Single Transferable Voting (STV) system

  • to run a Council-led representation review process.

The view of everyone present was that more submissions opposing the council proposal should be registered.

Note: The contents of this newsletter was circulated last week by email to allow members to submit a response before the closing date.

Consultation closed on 4 October.  It will interesting to see the outcome of that process.


Parting thought (Richard Campbell)

"Reading can be dangerous to your ignorance!"

We meet at 6 pm every Wednesday except for the first Wednesday of each month.  Please phone Graham 04 905 2626 by 5 pm Monday for catering purposes if you're attending on that Wednesday