Club Notices

We are visiting the Waikanae Lions Club on Thursday 12 August so there won't be our regular meeting on Wednesday 11 August.



  • 21 July: Robert Nugent - Testing Practices 
  • 28 July: Projects
  • 04 August: No meeting


Members rostered on will perform all these duties:

Open meeting with Grace / Message; Sergeant; Introduce & Thank Speaker (if there's a speaker); Parting Thought.

  • 21 July: Steve Botica 
  • 28 July: John Baillie 
  • 04 August: No meeting

The meeting

Introduced by John Algar, the speaker was one of our very own members, John Baillie.  John's topic was an intriguing one - "Busting some myths - the psychology of everyday things."
A wide ranging and interesting talk from John touching on things like:
  • How accurate is our memory?  Turns out it's not that great – it can change every time we recall something.
  • Memory – We hold 3-4 pieces of information at a time short term memory 7 items (Credit card, Phone number)
  • Busyness – We are happier when busy – for example queueing at Disneyland.
  • Daydreaming – around 30 percent of daydreaming time is actually being creative, solving problems, and reducing stress
  • Multitasking – It's a myth that women multitask more than men - multitasking is just inefficient no matter who does it.
  • Talking – Its also a myth, men actually talk more than women
  • We value things more if we pay more for them
  • Being lonely is as bad as smoking for your health
  • Being lonely is just as bad as smoking - the importance of social support.
Parting thought (John Algar)
"Service is the rent we pay for our place on earth."
Shirley Chisholm
We meet at 6 pm every Wednesday except for the first Wednesday of each month.  Please phone Graham 04 905 2626 by 5 pm Monday for catering purposes if you're attending on that Wednesday